Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine is one of the alternative medicines that focus more on the body rather than on infection or illness. Practitioners of this medicine say that the optimal health can be attained through the work between the doctor and patient, and a proper lifestyle balance is attained through right thinking and some medical practices.
Holistic care practitioners and their methods
Holistic medicine is interesting because the doctor is free to use every form of health care, including both standard medical practices and alternative forms of healing. If you want an example, then we can look at a patient that has a migraine. The normal doctor would write prescriptions, and the patient care would end there. But a doctor who practices holistic medicine would look for the factors that induce a migraine and he would try to limit their influence or remove it completely.

Some important principles of holistic medicine

Principles of this form of medicine are rather interesting as they see the body as the source of healing. Practitioners of holistic medicine believe that support and love do aid in healing and that the person is responsible for his health.

Those are main principles, but there are other principles as well. One principle states that every person has his healing powers. Other principles state that doctors should assist in the healing of the body, rather than just removing the disease.
Practitioners of holistic medicine and their patients work together in the process of healing of the body. The patient is not healed once the symptoms are alleviated, he is healed when the cause of the illness and any traces of it are removed.
Holistic treatment types

The first step every holistic practitioner will do is education the patients about self-care. Patients must be taught everything about self-care so they can keep their body healthy. This step includes education about exercise, diet and spiritual counseling and other similar things that patient can do alone or with someone else.
Alternative medicine
Then there are alternative and complementary therapies that are always used before medications or in some cases surgical procedures. These therapies may include acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic care and so on.

If this type of treatment fails to produce results, then some medications are introduced into the therapy. Only once this treatment fails, the doctor will try to use stronger medications. Only at this final step the doctor will discard alternative therapies.
Should you seek your local holistic care practitioner?

This question should be asked whenever you are looking for health care provider. As in any other branch of medicine, there are good, and then there are bad doctors. Before you set an appointment time with a doctor, you should look for everything you can find about him/her. Check their credentials; see the response from other people and so on.

No doctor can check whether there is anything wrong with you in just 10 or 15 minutes. If a doctor you found starts making a conclusion in under half an hour, then you have found a wrong doctor, and you shouldn’t deal with them.

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